Paul was as young as 11 when he first discovered electronic music during the first anglo saxon acid house wave which naturally led him to mixing from 1993. 

Following three years of intense mixing, he felt the need to start producing his own music. 
He therefore started to collect a wide range of both analogueand digital gear and fully devoted himself to creation. 

1999 marked a major shift in his career when he first met André (Ultracolor) ' an encounter which was in a sense the 'next step' in both artists' career. Driven by a common goal, i.e. the production of their own music, they founded Scandium Records in July 2000. Paul then produced 'Movement E.P.', the labels' second 12'. 

The following year, Paul produced another 4 LPs, outcome of his ongoing and determined work. This increasing presence in the small world of French electronic music soon became synonymous of being both mixing and paylisted during increasingly important events. 

In 2003, Paul released his first album, 'les Musiques de mon Moulin'' a double LP which clearly reflects his personality and confirmed his position as one of the leaders of the French electronic scene as well as Scandium's as on the country's leading labels.



Producing pure, minimalist analogue-minded techno in the vein of early Plastikman and Joey Beltram (even though his career began as a drummer with the industrial label Wax Trax), Steve Stoll has recorded for Nova Mute, Probe, DJax, Delirium, Synewave and his own Proper NYC label. Raised in Brooklyn, Stoll listened to hip-hop and disco as a child, then joined the Army straight out of high-school. He served for five years, including a period in the Gulf War when he plotted bomb runs by satellite. After being released, Stoll shifted around: he played drums for the industrial group Sister Machine Gun, studied jazz and began recording straight-edged techno for Big Apple labels like 212 Productions and Damon Wild's Synewave.

Stoll debuted for Sm:)e Recordings with the 1995 album Pacemaker. The following year brought another album, Zero Divide (recorded as the Operator) and an EP for Nova Mute (as the Blunted Boy Wonder). After he reverted back to Steve Stoll, Damn Analog Technology followed in 1997 and The Blunted Boy Wonder one year later. He stopped because of parenthood but now picked up the gear again. 



Hardfloor is the project of Oliver Bondzio and Ramon Zenker from Duesseldorf, Germany and was formed in 1991 as the German acid and techno scenes were just in the beginning.

They released the 9-minute track “Acperience 1" soon after deciding to inject a bit of bombast into the German scene. This ground-breaking single made their name instantly recognisable to worldwide clubbers. Utilizing since-standard compositional tools like long, melody-driven buildups and elaborate percussion breaks, the track became an instant dancefloor anthem and made Hardfloor a sought-after name for remix and production work.

Hardfloor remix credits include Mike Oldfield, The Shamen, New Order, Depeche Mode, Mory Kante a.s.o. and are also classics today. 

Although the pair recorded briefly for the Eye Q label ("Let da Bass go ", "Drugoverlord"), most of the group's early works has come out through Sven Vath's influential Harthouse imprint, including a number of full-length releases and a consistent schedule of 12-inches and EPs

They have since evolved from the more simplistic floor-movers of their earlier work, incorporating elements of hip-hop, electro, breakbeat techno, and post-acid house styles like trip-hop and intelligent dance. Each new album release has seen a slights change in their musical style but the group remains committed to the smoldering edge of acid and the sound of the Roland TB 303 comprising the lion's share of their recognizable sound.

Their signature manipulation of the Roland TB303 revolutionized the techno world – Ramon and Oliver became masterful at coaxing catchy sequences and basslines out of their multitude of magical silver boxes, a style that influenced a generation of young producers and has been endlessly imitated, never surpassed.

After they celebrated they´re 20th anniversary with the release of the CD-Box "20 - Two Decades Of Hardfloor" in 2011 they´ve released their 9 th studio album in 2014 with the significantly name “The Art Of Acid”.

The last two years they´ve spreaded their productions on a couple of 12“s and / or contributions on different labels before the release of a 10“ Picture Disc (25 Gyeahrs / Make Acid Great Again) for their 25th Anniversary in 2016.

In 2017 „Acperience 7“  saw the light as soundtrack for the the highly acclaimed japanese anime „Eureka Seven“ and Sept 2017 they released their tenth studio-album named „The Business Of Basslines“



Detroit-born, Chicago-and-Berlin-based Alan D. Oldham has been called "Detroit Techno's Renaissance Man" by Muzik Magazine (UK). Electronic musician, label owner, graphic illustrator, and international DJ, Oldham-under his stage name DJ T-1000-does it all.

A lifelong cartoonist and graphic designer, a young Oldham published his own indie comic book "Johnny Gambit" in 1987 to local notoriety. Hired that same year by his childhood friend Derrick May to illustrate several memorable pieces for his new Transmat label, this led to Oldham's very first involvement in the fledgling techno scene. More art requests quickly followed, most famously from the Djax-Up-Beats label (NL), where his art took center stage for many years (the lone EP that Oldham produced for Djax, under the name Signal To Noise Ratio, brought home a 1991 Detroit Metro Times Music Award for best single in "Detroit Is Burning"). At the same time, college-student Oldham was hired at local radio station WDET, hosting Detroit's first-ever all-electronic radio program, "Fast Forward," introducing artists like UR, Richie Hawtin and Carl Craig to local airwaves.

Five years later, Oldham found himself under the tutelage of UR's Mad Mike Banks. Initially hired as UR's "Minister of Information," working side-by-side with Rob Hood and others in the office, Oldham was eventually tapped to replace his departing friend Jeff Mills as DJ on UR's world tour (quitting WDET in the process), and DJ T-1000 (and his label Generator, distributed by Submerge) was born. Big shoes to fill, but he was up to the task. For a year afterwards, Oldham toured with Banks in the UR techno boot camp. Since those long-ago days, a solo Oldham continues to rock crowds in Berlin (with an unofficial residency at Tresor), Milan, Barcelona (unofficial residency at Moog), Madrid, London, Tel Aviv, Tokyo and all points in between with his own no-nonsense brand of bangin', funky-ass techno. When DJ T-1000 is on the flyer, fans know he's bringing the ruckus.

In 2004, Oldham finally left a flagging Motor City for the Midwest boomtown of Chicago. And in 2005 he finally established his permanent European base in the world's latest electronic music capital, Berlin.

When he's not behind the decks or in the studio producing electronic dance music for labels like Tresor Berlin, Inzec (CH), Minimalsoul (CH), or his own Pure Sonik and Generator imprints, Oldham has provided artwork for the electronic music industry for almost 20 years. Also, his drawings and large-scale paintings have been on display in art galleries in Chicago, Berlin, Paris, Los Angeles, and most recently a sold-out opening in Amsterdam.



In 2015, Dr. Motte celebrates 30 yrs of DJing, with a major world tour, under the banner of the name he gave to the first ever Love Parade:
[Peace. Joy. Pancakes.]
One man who, if anyone does, qualifies for the title of “legendary” must surely be Dr. Motte.

An original through and through, this DJ, producer and remixer from the original vanguard of Technos few pioneering souls initiated and successfully staged what became the biggest cultural celebration of music, tolerance, love and indeed life itself, that the world has ever seen: the Love Parade.

Even with such achievments to his credit, Dr. Motte has stayed true to his ideals, true to the ‘underground’ that has been his home for decades. By his chosen way of life, he remains attuned to and a part of that all important zeitgeist. Now like then, he stands for peace, love, unity and respect.

Up until 1989 Mathias Roeingh led a relatively low-key life. Born in Spandau in 1960 he tiptoed through the scene; from 1981 – 1984 with the ‘Toten Piloten’ (dead pilots), a Berlin punk band before around 1985 two turntables and a mixer stood where guitar bass and drums used to be.

The dance scene in the mid-80’s was small and barely noticed by the general public. A hint of the mass phenomena that defined the 90’s was no where to be found. His associates only wanted to do with electronic music and the sounding out of these new developments unfolding in music. In 1989 from this zeitgeist there arose a bold idea that would make a mark on the history of music and make Dr. Motte live forever.

‘Friends’ regularly visited the underground parties in England, reported Dr. Motte about the drastic measures of the British police forces against these events. They would be spectacularly dissolved and sound systems would be taken into custody. The party crowd however was not to be deterred. They danced to music ghetto blasted into the streets.

Inspired from this image Dr. Motte thought about how he could bring this spirit back to Berlin. The solution was as simple as it was magnificent: an exhibition – a demonstration the modern culture of electronic dance music. Under the motto “Peace, Happiness and Pancakes” there followed 150 music and dance lovers on 01.07.1989 at the Kürfurstendamm.

After that, things were no longer as they once were. Electronic dance music was the most important youth movement of the 90’s with the Loveparade as the chief symbol. For this 1 day in the year the Loveparade dissolved all the borders and over the years and eventually grew to become a national and international gathering.

Germany, whose reputation even today is massively seen through they perspective of world wars, was now seen in a different light: open, happy, young! Berlin became sexy!

The number of the visitors grew to such a degree in so few years that the Loveparade 1995 due to space constrictions had to leave the Ku’damm and moved to the spacious area around the Street of the 17th of June. In 1999 the Loveparade broke all previous records. Dr. Motte held court at the closing rally in front of around 1.2 million
ravers from the whole world on the Siegessäule. For the overwhelming success of the Loveparade, Dr. Motte remained underground. From the increasingly commercial tint of the spectacle he remained the same. When in 

November 2005 the trademark ‘Loveparade’ was to be sold to a fitness chain entrepreneur, he was opposed to the move. As one of 5 associates of the Loveparade Berlin GmbH he was outnumbered and finally refused his right of veto in order to maintain the “Holiday for electronic music” for society. At any rate the Loveparade was threatened with bankruptcy and negative financial viability and the end was well in view.

After the first parade under new management in the summer of 2006 is was clear to Dr. Motte that the decision was a mistake. The idealistic content and aims of which he was always a strong proponent were now shuffled to the curb. This is why he distanced himself publicly from the Loveparade and the new owners.

In the years following, things cooled off for the ‘Father of the Loveparade’ – ‘Dr. Motte’ still tours around the world as a DJ. He plays at the biggest festivals and in world renowned clubs. As a representative of German electronic music from the Goethe Institute in Munich in cooperation with the Foreign Affairs Office in Berlin he was invited to “Germany On Display” in Nanjing (eastern China). As well he alsois engaged in various initiatives such as “Laut gegen Nazi’s” (loud against nazi’s), ‘Freiheit statt Angst’ (freedom instead of fear) and many others.



Uk Techno Legend - don't think anything more needs to be said :) 



Techno veteran Justin Berkovi has been undergoing something of a renaissance of late. Whilst cemented in the techno history books with his classics on Music Man, Force Inc, Djax up and Harthouse back in the day Justin has returned to the fore with a slew of killer releases and live sets.

Refusing to be pigeonholed Justin straddles the dark brooding purposeful world of techno alongside the mesmeric beauty of his deeper, more introspective tracks. His material has seen support from Adam Beyer, Technasia, The Advent, Dave Clarke, Dubfire, Chris Liebing, Ben Sims, Shake Shakir, Claude Young, Wehbba and many more. With several EPs and remixes in the pipeline and coming out soon Berkovi continues his mantra of unique techno accompanied by a deep techno live set for the first time showcasing this aspect of his work.

Justin’s live sets have taken him all over the globe from the most intimate of clubs to the largest of festivals. Some clubs and festivals played: Tresor, Berghain, Womb (Tokyo), Ministry of Sound, Ambassada Gavioli (Slovenia), Rex (Paris), TLV (Tel Aviv), Amnesia (Ibiza), Dancevalley (Holland), Nature One / Liberty One (Germany), Love Parade (Berlin), I Love Techno (Belgium), 10 Days off (Belgium), Fuse, Florida 135 and many more. He’s not only worked dancefloors but has created experimental electronica (Charm Hostel) and produced a Peel Session for the late John Peel as well as being one of the few techno artists chosen for the Kats Karavan John Peel tribute album.



As one of the first Dutch musicians to establish a vital connection between Detroit and Amsterdam, Orlando Voorn has long been recognized as one of the Netherland’s most original and inventive producers in the world of electronic dance music. 

Voorn began djing at the tender age of 12 and went on to win the Dutch DMC DJ Championships in 1986 with his own characteristic blend of hiphop and electro. Towards the end of the eighties he acquired his first sequencer, packed away his turntables and turned his hand to producing. 

Following a series of dancefloor tracks recorded for the now defunct Lower East Side Records under the monniker of Frequency in the early nineties (Where Is Your Evidence, Kiss The Sky…), he was introduced to Juan Atkins (Industrial Metal, Game One) and went on to work with both Derrick May and Blake Baxter (as one half of the Ghetto Brothers). Voorn was also recording as Nighttripper (Tone Exploitation), Format (Solid Session - one of the most sought after classic techno records until its re-release in 1998), Basic Bastard, The Living Room, Baruka, Fix (Flash on Kevin Saunderson’s legendary KMS label), Dope Dog, Boy (Paco Di Bango’s World) and Stalker (The Stalker/The Riderman)… Many of these tracks can be heard on the double cd Best of Nightvision. 

Having made his mark producing his own vision of techno, ambient and hiphop and adamantly sidestepping genre limitations thus far, Voorn’s announcement that his "Redeye" album would see a foray into drum’n’bass territory aroused both anticipation and curiosity. While Voorn undoubtedly has an ear for melody, this has always been combined with an innate understanding of the importance of atmosphere and tension in music. Like Squarepusher, Amon Tobin, and Photek, he uses drum’n’bass rhythms to create something beyond pure dance music.



It is no secret that the Snuff Crew guys like to keep it oldschool. Since they started their project in the year 2008, they appeared with their Chicago House and Acid House influenced tunes and remixes on a lot of great labels like BPitch Control, I Love Acid, Playhouse, Killekill, International Deejay Gigolo Records, Rush Hour, SCI+TEC, Dizzy Tunes, Skylax and of course Suspected Music. 

For their productions they teamed up with legendary artists like Robert Owens, Tyree Cooper, Hard Ton, Billie Ray Martin, Kim Ann Foxman, Rachel Row and others.  

In 2010 they launched the label Snuff Trax and in 2015 the digital outlet Snuff Cuts.

The masked boys already played highly acclaimed live shows in world-famous venues such as Berghain and Tresor (Berlin), Womb (Tokyo), Kaiku (Helsinki), La Machine Du Moulin Rouge (Paris), Tunnel Club (Milan), Wake Up Call (Istanbul), Robert Johnson (Offenbach), and on amazing festivals like Wire (Yokohama).



Acid / Techno / House Producer and live Performer from Germany. 

Founder of Cologne Underground Records.

......and a really good Friend who helped me to realize the Suspected Music Label. 



After a decade of incessant and persistent work-in clubs all over Spain, Victor M- -has become one of Spain’s top DJs and producers -whose influences have been hip-hop, funk and the house, among other styles. Pushmann, delivers techno for the mind body and soul.PUSHMANN produces a Detroitesque sound with clear and strong influence of European sound, Berlin and Birmingham. His imaginary sound is based on the fast-paced, industrial and mechanical high-octane techno. In his classic genre he delivers raw goodness to intrigue the listener and take him or her to a higher level. Power, darkness and fierceness serving the dance floor. His special attention and taste for metallic percussion and steel cavernous drums well located in front of everything, almost martia, or warlike. Also draw attention to their surgical and haunting melodies, looped and accelerated to paroxysm. Sophisticated bestiality that stuns and spreads like wildfire. As a DJ, this self-confessed lover of vinyl-and three deck performances- enjoys a refined technique after many years of selecting only the best techno, house and ghetto-techno- sessions defined as strong, energetic and vibrant. Pushmann is making music for labels as KMS récords, Deadcert, Suspected Music, Naked Lunch.. He has collaborations with people as Paul Mac, Orlando Voorn and his music is continually supported by people as Ben Sims, Truncate, Paul Mac, Drumcell, Slam, Kevin Sanderson and many more.



What they say:
MIXMAG “we love it”
THE ADVENT “always delivers the goods”
CARL COX “definitely dropping this big new one from Jason Fernandes” 
ADAM BEYER “excellent" & “original”

Music aired on:
Pete Tong’s Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1
Carl Cox’s Global Radio
John Digweed’s Transistions
Adam Beyer’s Drumcode Radio
Chris Liebing’s CLR Podcast
Slam Radio
Coco Cole on Capital Xtra





Pragmatik Recordings- Directeur Général



Fbk is an American techno producer. Since 1994, FBK has been honing and refining his sound which has been called dark, hard, funky, extremely danceable and hypnotic.

His releases on Frictional and Xplor are still sought to this day and considered underground classics.

A protege' of Dan Bell and Anthony "Shake" Shakir, FBK has learned his craft from some of the best and has worked with numerous composers such as Jay Denham, Paul Johnson, and many others.



DJ/TrackMaker in Tokyo Japan.
He performed DJing house/techno/progressive house and more in his college student days and 
started house/techno/progressive house/ambient track productions from 2007 in earnest. He make
various styles tracks while being based on the deep/melodic atmosphere.

 He released his first digital EP on Australian progressive house label 'Bellarine Recordings'
in 2008 and has released many tracks from many domestic and foreign labels afterwards.
Then he released his first vinyl on 'Atmospheric Existence Recordings' that the UK's 'Miles Sagnia' 
label in 2013 and got many supports from vinyl lovers. And he changed his release to vinyl mainly 
from digital format.

 From 2014 he started new projects under the name - 'Tominori Hosoya'. This project has a concept 
to make musical pieces for 'important persons, things and memories and more...' On the extension, 
he started his own label 'TH Pressing' in the same year. This label's first EP that is released 
on Japan precedence - 'Tominori Hosoya - Dear My Father' got No. 1 in Brothers' Vibe's chart and 
many supports from many big names.

 He received much release offers with that release as a start from the inside and outside the country.
He have vinyl releases on following labels - deepArtSounds, Minuendo Recordings, Mixx Records, 
Suspected Music, Bucketround, medium, Soul Print Recordings, Soiree Records, Blind Jacks Journey, 
Serie Limitee Records and more... 

 In addition , his DJmix for 'Technique Mix Series' was elected by Resident Advisor's Best Mixes 
on October 2016 and gets the evaluation as DJ.



A.Paul was born in Lisbon, Portugal in November 1971, and his career started in 1986, although his first contact with music was made at a very early stage, mainly through the hands of his older sister that would regularly listen to disco, funk, and electro sounds in the 70′s. From a music passionate mind, to a national celebrity, A.Paul is today one of the key players of the electronic music scene on a worldwide scale, both as a DJ and as a Producer. His taste, technique and originality made him earn the respect from his peers and most of all the love and devotion from his fans.

After the first years of musical discovery, his talent start to blossom when he was 13, despite living in a country where only a small percentage of people would listen to dance music, he always knew that these infectious rhythms would be on his path. After buying his first decks and mixer, including a couple of years of bedroom practice, he organized a few parties himself and later acquired his first residencies in clubs, through the hand of J.Daniel, who was one of the most respected Portuguese DJs in the 90′s. He was the owner of Question of Time Records, a vanguard record shop and record label, where A.Paul would later release his first record “Juice” a remarkable masterpiece that was played by many top DJs worldwide and licensed to various labels and compilations. He was also invited to be part of the Climacz project, the first after-hours club in Portugal, which was one of the first milestones of his career. The amazing spirit this venue brought to the Portuguese scene is still remembered with great joy and nostalgia by A.Paul himself.

At some point he felt the need to move on and search for new challenges. In 1996, he became part of the Illegal Records project as a techno import manager, was invited to be resident of the best club at that time Kremlin, and later founded his first labels, Squeeze Records and Onh.Cet, which were two relevant projects that helped define and polish his sound. By then he was also already playing quite a lot as freelancer, in a growing market. Portugal was at its peak, in terms of electronic music popularity and A.Paul was playing at one point every weekend on different parts of the country. It was inevitable that he would decide to stick to this option for his career, as opposed to be resident in a club, where he would be more limited in terms of music taste.

In 1997 he joins the X-Club, the most important DJ Agency and party organizer in Portugal. All the top cats were signed to X-Club, and so was A.Paul, first as a supporting artist, and later part of the agency’s top artists too. This period was very important for A.Paul, and his growth was remarkable, because he had the chance to meet and play with all the major techno and house artists in the world. Other projects developed by A.Paul at that time include sound engineering, journalism and also graphic and web design, activities that would become also important on his next projects.

A.Paul was voted best Portuguese techno DJ in 2000, 2001, and 2002 by the readers of Dance Club, the main electronic music media vehicle in Portugal. A.Paul has never stopped investing and supporting the electronic music community particularly in techno. This is when A.Paul decides to start exploring the international market, due to the changes in the Portuguese scene.1994 to 2000 was monumental time after suffering from the huge decline in quality and quantity of events and musical culture. From the “Paradise Called Portugal” coined years before by international media, Portugal was now a place with a stagnated scene, and techno was probably the first genre to suffer. It was time for change, this crisis lead him to invest his time in a music production career, that was quiet for a few years due to the higher demand for DJ previously. In 2001 he opened Genesis record shop. Later in 2007 A.Paul was co-owner of MPC Vinyl Distribution, with his long-time friends Cisco Ferreira (The Advent) and Michaelangelo, where he also released on his other sub -labels The Light, Parallel 125, Dirty Ego, LK and Xtractz.

In In 2012 A.Paul’s most renowned & most successful project to date is Naked Lunch Records which was created back in 2005 really began to really take mold into one of the driving forces in the techno scene. Naked Lunch Podcast, a weekly podcast, which is a careful balance of top quality underground DJs and the game changers in the techno scene.

Fast forward to 2013, this marked a new monumental moment in A.Paul’s career as a promoter, by the end of the year he had 5 success events under his belt! With the success of the highly acclaimed Naked Lunch Nights in Portugal, its natural step would be to take his events international for 2014, alongside the grand opening of the much anticipated Naked Lunch Agency, the missing puzzle piece to complete his techno vision & one day his legacy.

A.Paul has released over 100 vinyl records, several mixed CD compilations released in amazing labels like; Kombination Research, Synewave, Planet Rhyhtm, Italo Business, Pure Sonik, Theory, Mastertraxx, Beat Disaster, Yin Yang, Impact Mechanics, and has remixed artists such as The Advent, Ben Sims, Eric Sneo, Angel Alanis, Damon Wild, DJ T-1000, Virgil Enzinger, Robert Armani, Dave The Drummer, Dj Preach, Mike Humphries, Spiros Kaloumenos, Torsten Kanzler, Bas Mooy, Housemaster Boyz and many more.

Besides his sound of hard, funky, deep bass lines he is renowned for, he has also been known productions in tech- house, minimal and experimental sounds, under several aliases like Loudon Kleer, Luther Miek, Beat Therapy and LK. and last but not least, he is also known for his co-productions with artists like The Advent, Industrialyzer, Michaelangelo, DJ Slot among others.

His unique sound, taste, and technique, granted him a position on some of the best mega events like; Awakenings, Chateau Techno, TGV (The Netherlands), Evolve (Canada), Nature One, Syndicate, Ruhr in Love (Germany), Rock in Rio (Portugal), Technolandia (Portugal), Aquasella, (Spain), Liberty White (Belgium), Decibel (Holland), Global Vision Festival (France) & Apokalypsa (Czech Republic).
A.Paul has rocked some of the hottest clubs like; Tresor, U60311, Lehmann (Germany), Sullivan Room (USA), Fabrik , Makumba, Row 14, Moog, Industrial Copera (Spain), Perron, Panama, Poema (The Netherlands), Locomia , Rocks, Kremlin, Pacha (Portugal), Qube (Italy), Inox Club (France) & many more.





Born in Siegen, Germany, Andreas Florin became enamoured with electronic music from the age of 15, thanks to exposure to Cherrymoon (Bonzai Records) and Klaus Jankuhn and Westbam's Members of Mayday project. After years of partying in clubs like The Omen and Aufschwung Ost, Florin picked up DJing and in 2002 made the move to production as well. Rapidly developing his own innovative style ‐ a heady mix of all variants of techno fused together ‐ Florin then took the critical step of management (from 2008 on) of the cutting edge labels Electronic‐Pulse and We Call It Hard Records. Florin has had superb personal releases through labels like Proper NYC,Planet Rhythm UK,Missile,Suspected, Home Recordings, Elektrax, Foot Fetish, Gynoid Audio, Definition, We Call It Hard, The Zone, Electronic‐Pulse, Subsequent Take More Music and many more He has also performed at major venues Tresor, Berlin U60311, Frankfurt Cembrankeller, Linz Nachtresidenz, Passau Mbia, Berlin Gotec, Karlsruhe Ruhr in Love, Oberhausen Alte Weberei, Nordhausen Subcultur, Koblenz Memory, Oberwesel Painthouse and Dortmund.



Swedish DJ/producer Mattias Fridell has been actively involved in the techno scene since the 1990s, inspired early on by electronic dance music and the developing techno movement in Sweden.

In 2000 Fridell's first record, cut with Alexander Johansson, was released and it garnered the duo a reputation as two of the more promising producers to look out for. Their music was subsequently played by some of the highest profile DJs as well as noted by Calle Dernulf—a radio guru in Sweden who has been pushing techno and house music to the masses. From there Fridell and Johansson released their music on a succession of classic and legendary labels such as Audio Assault, ARMS and XXX Records.

When Johansson decided to take a six year break from electronic dance music, Mattias Fridell kept right on going.

For over a decade he's released quality techno and other forms of electronic dance music, working along the way with a growing number of respected labels and artists. In 2010 Fridell teamed up with techno icon Glenn Wilson to create throbbing music and also launch the label project Tonal Path. He's also collaborated with other producers from around the world and succeeded in re-introducing his old collaborator Alexander Johansson to the techno scene—they're now as strong as ever in their partnership.

While constantly implementing new ideas and retaining his signature sound, Mattias is always inspired to work several directions within dance music's deep maze of rabbit holes.

From starting out in the '90s delivering the sound of authentic Swedish techno, his musical journey took him through a variety of musical twists. Along the way he's salvaged everything from hard techno to classic Detroit-inspired beats, down to a minimalistic approach as well as the work that defines his sound today: the dark, deep, industrial tones and rich, deep dubby flavours—with lots of erosion and a smattering of dirt.

Working against the trends, but assimilating slices he likes along the way, Fridell will carry on producing his unique, innovative vibes.



Marco Lenzi has been producing, remixing and playing all over the world for over a decade, taking his minimal and funky sound to the masses. Marco was born in Livorno, Italy and raised in Rome, where as a teenager he got into clubbing, record collecting and mastered his DJ technique. With seamless mixing and the originality of his programming he soon developed his own unique style.

He has lived in London ever since he came for a week in 1988 and got stuck in the acid house music scene. Marco is forward thinking, with a modest attitude considering his extensive experience in the music field.

Marco's love of electronic music started over 20 years ago after he inherited some records from his father, an electronic engineer for NASA. His early influences include K. Stokhoussen, Pierre Henry, G. Ligety and other producers from the 60' s, artists who weren't afraid to experiment with new sounds and techniques. This is something that Marco keeps in line with his own production and DJ work.

Marco was at the heart of 2 of the best record stores in London – Silverfish and Eukatech. Marco, Nils & Hans Hess and Alex Oppido started the Silverfish Records store on the Charing Cross Road in the heart of London in the early 1990’s. The store was an important part of the growth of the dance scene in the UK, and its reputation was built from the knowledge that they injected into it. After Silverfish, Marco, Nils and Hans opened the infamous Eukatech records in Covent Garden, which provided not only somewhere to listen to the latest tracks but also became known for releasing quality music and winning an award as best independent record label.

Marco’s passion for music led to the birth of Molecular Recordings in 1994, now one of the most respected cutting edge labels in the U.K. On Molecular Marco releases his own material along with many records from artists like Anderson Noise, Chris Liebing, Colin Mc Bean (ex Advent), Danilo Vigorito, Holy Ghost, Inigo Kennedy, Kelly Hand, Oliver Ho and as well the successful anonymous xx series. Marco has also produced more than 50 records on labels including Molecular, Missile, Audio, Eukatech, Noise Music and Primate, just to name a few.

The A-Z of countries around the world where Marco has performed: Argentina, Bahrain, Belgium, Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Ecuador, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Siberia, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, USA, Venezuela and 




Cologne based DJ Oliver Hess found his way to the music very early. At the end of the 1980s he already began to play at private and at school parties. At that time still musically settled with soul and hip-hop.

In the early 1990s, he met Jens Lissat (Interactive). Jens was to change and influence Oliver's musical life and work. During Christmas dinner in 1994 Jens convinced Oliver to take care of the music that night instead of playing himself. Oliver had to deal with Jens existing record collection as well as he had to get into using the mixer and turntables Jens had.

Oliver did not hesitate long and quickly followed up this challenge. At the end of the evening, Jens gave him two record players and a mixer so Oliver could continue to practice at home.

Oliver developed a feeling for electronic music and became a resident of the Pollerwiesen a year later and another year later Resident of legendary Warehouse, where he still plays alongside DJ's like Marika Rossa, Westbam and Robert Barbicz.

With his feeling for the music, he quickly became enthusiastic not only his audience, but also numerous organizers. It was no wonder that he started to play regularly in the Kiesgrube Neuss in 1996, among other things.

His flair for the music found an enormous appeal, not only in Cologne and its surrounding area but he also quickly became a favorite artist in clubs such as the Zuhause club, Room 40, Golden Gate in Berlin and Tribehouse.

It was hardly surprising that he had already played in Ibiza’s Space, Pasha and Privilege at the end of the 1990s as well as playing on floats at the Love Parade in Berlin or the Paradise City Party alongside Carl Cox.

Since 1995, he has regularly played for Sonderlü events such as Pan-Pot, Oliver Koletzki, Karotte and Sven Väth.

Since 2015 regular gigs have been added, for example, at the Club Studio Essen or at the Soundwave Festival in Albania, where he played for the third time in a row this year.

Since the end of 2016, he has been working together with Harald "Harada" Aufmuth (Blue Fin, My Best Friend) to produce the first release set for the end of 2017.



Snuffo’s big passion is performing his music live on stage. His sound is an energetic and ecstatic mix of Techno, Electro and House. Every moment of the masked man from Berlin marks a really intense dance floor experience.

When not in the studio producing his own tracks or touring live he is active in a few other projects as well. Snuffo is the founder of the famous Acid House project Snuff Crew (known from labels like BPitch Control or Killekill). He also is part of Kat Channel (with Alienata) and the experimental Cellarkalt.

Snuffo’s music has been released on labels like Burek, Clásicos del Ruido, Suspected Music, DETH Recordings, Polybius Trax, I’m In Love, and some more.

2012 marked the start of his solo career and led to connecting with many fans worldwide as both a producer and Iive act. In response, he released his first album in 2016: "Live Free or Die“ which garnered rave reviews. His second long player, "Stories From Elsewhere" will be coming out on Diffuse Reality in late 2017.

While he loves producing and sharing his unique sound, Snuffo is also successfully running his three labels on which he can contribute to the music scene in his curation. On his imprints In The Dark Again, Snuff Trax and Snuff Cuts he presents new and established artists and gains great DJ-support with every release.



Hideyoshi was born in Tokyo.

From the time of childhood, it went almost every day to the nightclub, music 
and an image were touched, and sensitivity was polished.

Such a sense and the talent gain popularity greatest support from Director 
In a movie “Zatoichi”, it deals with a remix work, and at Venice 
International Film Festival, a work will be poured at the convention hall 
and it will play a role in the Golden Lion award which is the highest honor.
In addition, the main works "KILL BILL","arena", and "Sergio Mendes", GAME, 
a live image, and much other Preview.

"DJ activity" is started not only in the name of "VJ activity" but in the 
name of [HIDEYOSHI aka], [BOND BOY HIDE].
Also in an offer, the sensitivity as an image writer pours in from overseas.
Costarring is achieved also with leading important figure merit group DJ and 
others in domestic, and musical piece work is also performed energetically.
The peculiar sharp sensitivity charms an audience.




DJ, producer & recording artist from Columbus Ohio (U.S.A.) 

(6ONE6, DOBOX, Generator Records, Miga, Ditekt, Absoloop, Metroplex just to name a few.

His Influences range from early Industrial, Metal, Hardcore, Punk, Hip Hop, Drum n Bass, to Detroit / Chicago and European Techno.

Plural has established himself as Dj and Artist. His sound has defined him dark soulful and funky..



Maxx has headlined and played at parties in most of the major cities around Europe and beyond, including London, Bristol, Leeds, Nottingham, Berlin, Antwerp, Prague, Salzburg, Madrid, Granada, Malaga, Nantes, Rome, Milan, Naples, Moscow, Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow, Gdansk, Szczecin, Rijeka, Rovinj, Bucharest, Cluj Napoca... sharing the stage with artists like Billy Nasty, Chris Liberator, Jeff Amadeus, Marco Lenzi, John Warwick, Redhead, Mark Williams, Ignition Technician, Sven Wittekind, Boris S, DDR, and Boy George, to name just a few.

He runs his own label Polymeric Records, and he has recently started to work as Label Manager for Molecular Recordings, owned by Marco Lenzi. He is also doing A & R work for Techno Sessions label, owned by Ludgero Costa, and he worked for 6 years as Label Manager for Austrian label Carbon Audio, which he started in collaboration with Rene Reiter. He recently quit this position to concentrate on the work for Molecular Recordings. All of these labels are available on vinyl, as MAXX is still making a point of supporting the media. As a matter of facts, he is still playing vinyl only.

After moving to London from Italy, where he was born, MAXX has released over 100 tracks in just over 8 years, including vinyl releases on Polymeric, Primate, Cluster, Carbon Audio, Teknic, Guild, Generator UK, Killawatts, Open Source, Techno Sessions, Interstate One, Interstate Colour, and Reborn UK, collaborating along the way with many great artists like Chris Liberator (Cluster), Sterling Moss (Cluster and Carbon Audio), Pounding Grooves (Polymeric), 3Phazegenerator (too many to mention), Hard Bart (Polymeric), Pino Lopez and Rene Reiter (Carbon Audio), Xerofill (Astral Tech) and numerous remixes for various well known artists on labels such as Martyn Hare’s Tremors Recordings (for Ian Void), Dolma Records, Phantom Records, Dark Underground, Tekx Records, Generator UK...

MAXX productions are played and supported by many great DJs around the World: Richie Hawtin, Eddie Halliwell, Claude VonStroke, Thomas P Heckman, Dr Motte, Chris Liberator, Mark EG, Marco Lenzi, Anderson Noise, John Warwick, Glenn Wilson, Lars Klein, Kerstin Eden, just to mention a few who play his tracks out in clubs, podcasts, or live radio shows.

With vinyl releases coming up on historic Techno labels Primate, Primevil and Molecular, and a busy gig schedule in 2016, the future looks pretty bright for MAXX, watch this space! 



German electronic music artist and Detroit aficionado Sascha Zastiral published his first EP “Electronic Phiction” in 1998 on DJ Good Groove’s label Frisbee Tracks, to much international acclaim. Releases on labels like Monika Kruse’s Terminal M, Holzplatten and Swedish imprint Physical Soul followed. In 2014, Detroit techno legend Kevin Saunderson signed Sascha to his legendary label KMS Records. In the following year, Sascha's tracks were released on relaunched Primate Recordings. After remixing Gayle San and Ken Ishii in 2016, these days Sascha has releases lined up on labels between Cologne and Detroit. Sascha has played live sets in numerous clubs, including the famous original “Tresor” in Berlin. His music is heavily inspired by the sound of Detroit, the birthplace of techno: An intoxicating blend of drums, basslines and funky grooves. It’s at the same time raw and intelligent, deep and groovy. Dance music with a soul. 



Baja Armada consists of Raul Dahm Cardo and Mike Burion, who met as they started sharing a room for musical purpose. Since, it was clear that they both won't longer make music just by their own and they shortly started making music as a duo - benefiting from experiences in producing a broad range of musical genres, djing and sound engineering. The outcome combines deep house and techno with world and melodic elements. 



First beginning with deejayin' and scratchin', makin' Hip Hop Beats in the late ninetees, Simon is exploring more and more electronic music playgrounds. 
Through his work at one of his best friend's Record Store "Kratzer" in his hometown Siegen, he's getting much inspirations and knowledge about music itself.

These years were to create a mastery in melodic electronica and shape a deeper perspective that has found home in labels such as Phil, Love Unlimited Vibes, Midnight Shift and more

Not giving a fuck about musical rules or principles, Simon is serious about his music being his alone, and allowing him to do whatever he wants, whenever. Neither is his small hometown scene of Siegen, Germany, a springwell of talent. Simon’s music is an anomaly that arose not as a result of a scene but from his concentrated efforts as a fun-loving individual with like-minded buddies. 

Citing influences such as hip-hop, soul, jazz, funk and rare soundtracks of the sixtees and seventees, Simon identifies himself primarily as a producer, although DJing and his love for these soulful tunes from the past have been cemented in him since age 15.

Driven to create real feelings with his sound, Simon touch is in creating something new out of something old. This results in feelings both great and sometimes painful, new and nostalgic in his music. 

Simon is also releasing downbeat, instrumental HipHop beats under his nickname "Mr.Backside". 

One more only need listen to understand what his sound is about.